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Get Exit Ready

Are you an entrepreneur with revenue over $1 million?

Do you need the clarity and game plan that will get your business exit ready within the next 1 – 5 years without sacrificing the most important things in life like family and your health?

I created The Exit Ready Flywheel for entrepreneurs like you based on my experience and advisory work with several entrepreneurs.

To be “exit ready” is to have a business built to sell at maximum value, should you choose to. But you don’t have to because you’ve built something you enjoy working in.

This program will give you the tools and frameworks to turn your company into a high growth “exit ready” business. You’ll get a business that gives you fulfillment, freedom, and optionality whether you choose to exit or not.

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Close the knowledge and execution gap. 

Shegun Otulana is a been-there-done-that SaaS CEO who will provide candid feedback and advice. I know personally that he’s launching this service due to his deep passion for coaching and seeing others succeed.

– Dave Gray, Stoneybrook Ventures | CEO


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Is your team, strategy, or culture inhibiting growth?


Trying to figure out how to stay two steps ahead of the competition?


Unable to surpass 100% net revenue retention?

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Stuck at seven-figures in revenue?

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Struggling to remove yourself from the business?