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Shegun Otulana is the Founder and CEO of Harmony Venture Labs (HVL) and Copysmith AI. Prior to HVL and Copysmith, he was the Founder and CEO of TheraNest and its parent company, Therapy Brands, which exited for $1.25 billion in 2021 within less than ten years of its founding.

Shegun is passionate about entrepreneurship and continual learning. He devotes his time to building great businesses and inspiring others to build great futures.

Along with speaking and investing, HVL is his primary vehicle for ideating and launching new businesses. He also writes the Let’s Build Newsletter which delivers insights that help early-stage entrepreneurs think outside the box, avoid common pitfalls and accelerate their business growth without losing what matters most to them.

“In many cases, the time between where you are and where you want to be is determined by what you know.”

-Shegun Otulana

What Others Are Saying

“Shegun’s work with Mcmtech has proven invaluable in our pursuit of quickly driving value for our shareholders and for making the company more attractive to capital providers, strategic partners and potential acquirers.”

Tom Bartels

President & CEO, MCM Technology

“Any opportunity to learn from Shegun & team isn’t one that should be passed up.”

Matt Serel

CEO/Co-Founder, You Are Accountable

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