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Building a startup is hard. Trying to build one without support is even harder. Having a community of founders and advisors was critical to my success and learning in the early days.

That’s why I started the Let’s Build Community. It’s my way of scaling my ability to help and advice early stage founders. It will help you avoid costly mistakes and optimize your growth.

You’ll have access to me and other founders to ask questions about hiring, fundraising, capital allocation, and more. With a  “bootstrapper” mentality we’ll be here for you at every step of your startups’ journey. Let’s build!

Shegun Otulana
Founder, Harmony Venture Labs

What You Get

  • A free moderated community of founders tackling problems and sharing best practices.
  • Direct conversations with me in Slack.
  • Tips and advice on fundraising and capital allocation.
  • Inspiration, book recommendations, and curated content to help drive your growth.
  • Help from the HVL team.
  • Free access to webinars,  videos, templates and other resources.

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