Doing More Faster

by | Jan 10, 2024

Some insightful highlights from my conversation with Gayle Lantz on the theme of “Do More Faster.” You can listen to the full episode here

Making decisions quickly is essential at a startup. Decisions ultimately drive outcomes. The leader sets the tone, and you’ve got to learn how to push your team healthily to make decisions faster and act quicker. Be proactive in decision-making rather than relying on your teams to push you. While sometimes, you may get a push for speed from your team, you should be setting the tone and pace. 

To do more faster, increase your overall team know-how and skill sets continuously, fully leverage the expertise of team members, and align incentives appropriately. 

The right pace is the one that gets excellent results the fastest without hurting your customers or burning out your team. 

Make a distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 decisions. Type 1 decisions – irreversible or very hard to reverse – should require more deliberation, and Type 2 decisions should be all about faster iterations and learning. 

fast decision making technique

Embracing and learning from mistakes is crucial for growth, especially in startup environments. Making mistakes quickly and course-correcting gets you to positive outcomes faster.

This culture of accepting and learning from mistakes isn’t exclusive to startups. I think there are pockets of every business, no matter what the company is, that you can apply this rule. 

Build the right team. The right team is an essential part of effectively doing more faster. Readiness and the ability to make decisions quickly are something to screen for when hiring. And to retain those people, cultivate a strong culture through ritualization and incentives. 

Again, you can listen to my full conversation with Gayle here. If you have questions or need help increasing your execution and decision-making speed on a particular issue, schedule a coaching call or join the community for my AMA on June 6.


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