Family, faith, growing up where everyone “looks like you” inspired Nigerian tech entrepreneur’s huge success

by | Jan 11, 2024

“A lot of entrepreneurs who’d built an innovative tech company worth hundreds of millions would be touting it to the hills and flooding our social media timelines with its praises. Otulana, though, is still most comfortable behind the curtain—a reflection of an upbringing built around family, faith, and, of course, entrepreneurism.”

Shegun talks about the burden minority founders face in business and the power of having the right mindset to succeed. His advice? “Just take it out of your mind. Forget it. Don’t let it impact you. You don’t want to go into a pitch meeting with that in your mind. You don’t want it to affect your behavior, your level of confidence.”

“Sometimes, people [of color] feel like they don’t have someone like them to talk to,” Otulana said. “Well, they can talk to me.”