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Public Speaking

Invite Shegun Otulana to be the highlight of your upcoming event. Delivering impactful keynotes, engaging Q&As, and transformative leadership workshops, Shegun brings the depth and breadth of his experience as a celebrated entrepreneur and insightful investor.

Your audience will not only be inspired and engaged but will also walk away with valuable, actionable insights tailored to drive success. Let’s create a memorable event together.

Schedule a Free Coaching Call

Navigating the world of exit events, sales, marketing, private equity, team dynamics, and hiring can be tricky. I get it, and I love helping entrepreneurs navigate their way through challenges and opportunities.
Take advantage of one of my free coaching calls. Let’s discuss your challenges and find growth oriented solutions, without all the jargon. Your success is important; let’s work on it together.

Let’s Build Community

Let’s Build Community is for early stage founders looking to accelerate growth in a community with other founders. We put theory into practice together. Work with me, the HVL team and a like minded community as we navigate growth at the early stage.

“Problems are easy to focus on but they are par for the course. The magic is in figuring out how problems can become opportunities.”